Microwave Inspection Technology (MIT)

M.I.T - N.D.E

Microwave Inspection Technology (MIT) is leading the advancement of electromagnetic, non-contact and fast imaging capabilities that, while complimentary to established non-destructive testing (NDT) and non-destructive evaluation (NDE) techniques, offer a new solution. MIT capabilities serve a plethora of inspection applications, during manufacture and for informed preventative maintenance for decreased service and repair timescales.

MIT provides reliable, accurate and highly informative inspection results for defects located on the exteriors and interiors of non-metallic components. This advanced and field-proven microwave energy NDE technology has been used to inspect a wide range of non-metallic materials, including fiberglass-composite pipe repair wraps, fibreglass/glass reinforced piping, elastomers such as rubber expansion joints, plastics, ceramics, organic and ceramic composites and other advanced materials. MIT scanning equipment is portable, intrinsically safe, and it needs no couplant. 

MIT continue to develop novel inspection techniques to advance the field alongside the proliferation of fibre reinforced polymers within the oil & gas industries. Our technology advancements are all achieved by the combined application of our electromagnetics expertise and digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms.

Microwave Inspection Technology (MIT) Microwave Inspection Technology (MIT)


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