Aquawrap® Aquawrap®

State of the Art Composite Reinforcement System

Preveld Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd has teamed up with Integ Composite Technology, LLC and PRT (Piping Repair Technologies, USA) to introduce better application techniques at a higher hands-on level and enhanced engineered components of Aquawrap® Wrapping Composite Reinforcement System such as:

1. G-05 fabric engineered with higher tensile strength for larger piping diameter
2. C-2 carbon fabric where high strength and modulus application are required
3. Epoxy components that have been engineered to meet more suitable curing time during application

Aquawrap® Wrapping Composite Reinforcement System is a composite pipe repair system developed generally for online pipe reinforcement as well as leak repair. Aquawrap®'s wet-layup application and water-activated resin allow pipe to be repaired without the need for welding or hot work. This drastically reduces the risk of mishap and allows the pipe to remain in service, with no interruption to normal operations.

Aquawrap® can be a permanent, high strength repair alternative to metal sleeves, welding and other mechanical repairs. Installation can be completed without requirement of any special tools, as well as there is no need of shutting down the piping system to carry out repair. A high post-cure strength is achieved by the material's inherent strength, physical characteristics and a complete fit-up integrity and conformity between the reinforcing wrap and the pipe

Aquawrap® allows repair and coating of pipe to be achieved in one procedure, without the need of shutdown. The Aquawrap® system can be applied under water by diver without the need for a habitat in most instances.