ARRESS Composite Reinforcement System ARRESS Composite

ARRESSĀ® Composite Reinforcement System

ARRESS Composite wrap is a permanent, cost-effective pipeline repair solution, suitable for wall thinning strengthening and through-wall leak repair applications. ARRESS Composite wrap can be performed on a live pipeline without the need to take it out of service.

This repair technique is fast and less costly than other repair options and it permanently restores the pressure-containing capability of the pipes when properly installed. ARRESS Composite wrap can serve as an alternative to the traditional pipeline repair practices such as pipeline replacement or the installation of full-encirclement steel split sleeves.

ARRESS Composite wrap is an engineering wrap repair system compliance with ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817 standards, comprises of standard geometry contour repair application (normal and high temperature), underwater repair and even custom-made fire redundant application.


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