Pipe Support / Contact Point Protection

Preveld Oil & Gas Sdn. Bhd. supplies ArmorCote™ coated u-bolts that have evolved from decades of proven technology. The cross-linked polyolefin material provides a coating with extremely high compressive strength and tremendous abrasion resistance.

ArmorCote™ has a low co-efficient of friction that allows for movement without damage to the pipe coating. It is a unique thermo-plastic that is UV stabilized to maintain the integrity of the u-bolts even under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Unlike minimum millage dipped coatings or hand wrapped rubber applications, ArmorCote™ resists tearing and will not unravel over time.

In addition to supplying the ArmorCote™ coated u-bolts, Preveld Oil & Gas Sdn. Bhd. also supplies thermoplastic pipe support pads of the same coating.