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PT1 Connector

Poulton Technologies

Poulton Technologies was founded on the need for an unbreakable pipeline connector that can be fitted in hostile conditions, in limited space and without a need for welding or other hot work. The PT 1 connector was the result, it was developed and tested in the UK and has received Type Approval by Lloyd's Register (certificate number 16/00039).

The PT 1 is unique because of its novel sealing technology. It is also the most rugged pipe connector in the world because the SEALING function is totally isolated from the CONNECTING function, which means that whatever external forces are applied to the connector, these will not affect the seal, and because the seal is manufactured from metal, the connector can maintain performance with external and fluid temperatures in excess of 500oC.

The PT 1 connector has passed all tests required for Lloyd's Register Type Approval, which a flanged connection would not survive.

PT1 Connector - Poulton Technologies

Easy-Fit Technology
The easy-fit technology of the PT 1 connector ensures a rapid and secure pipe connection without the need for any welding.

New Build Applications - Speed & Reliability
A solution to plant and platform construction that is inexpensive and permanent, and provides a high speed of installation with long-term reliability.

Repair Applications - Safety Can Be Cost Effective
Pipe leakages and repairs create serious safety concerns. The simple and easy installation of the PT 1, without the need for any hot work, will provide large cost savings when repairs are required. The PT 1 is not only a quick fix, but also a permanent solution for the deep subsea, bthe weight-conscious topside, the frozen Arctic or the blistering desert.